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experience the crunch of Evercrisp®

Come take a bite out of the NEW EverCrisp® apple at the All Fresh GPS Booth #717 at the Southern Exposure Show in Orlando, FL March 11th.

Sparta, Michigan, March 3, 2017 – All Fresh GPS, will be exhibiting at the Southern Exposure with a special guest, the EverCrisp® apple. This new crispy, sweet apple is satisfying and refreshing from the first crunch to the last. "Experiencing this apple will be something you do not want to miss, as this apple holds true to its name. The flavor and the texture will be a big game changer in the apple industry," said Scott Swindeman, Sales/Managed Variety Director at All Fresh. "EverCrisp® brings out the best of its parents, the Fuji and Honeycrisp."

The apples taste is sweet like a Fuji, and the texture is crispy and juicy like a Honeycrisp. Where this apple shines is in its crisp, juicy eating experience. 

Many of our family growers at All Fresh are part of this program and have already planted several acres of EverCrisp® and will continue to plant more in the immediate future.

"We would love for you to taste EverCrisp®. We know you will enjoy it just as much as we do," said Scott Swindeman. 

All Fresh will also be sampling the KIKU® and Kanzi® alongside the EverCrisp® at the SEPC.