"You don't know what an apple tastes like until you've tasted a Michigan apple."  -- Denise R., Rockville MD

Taste tests prove it – Michigan apples are crunchier, juicier and more flavorful. Most are grown in the state's famed "Fruit Belt," where sandy soils and the Brown with no white backgroundmoderating climate of Lake Michigan provide ideal growing conditions.

All Fresh GPS brings you the pick of the Michigan apple crop all year long. Our cutting-edge technologies ensure that every apple tastes like it was just picked from the tree, no matter when you purchase it.

More Flavor

The majority of our apples are grown near Lake Michigan, in light, well-drained, nutrient-dense soils left behind by ancient glaciers. The lake climate moderates extreme temperatures, protecting fragile spring buds and extending the growing season later into the fall – when sunny days and cool nights sharpen the flavor, color and crisp bite of our apples.

More Variety

Our longer ripening season allows us to grow many different apple varieties. Michigan apple production is dominated by family-run orchards, not industrial farms, so tradition plays an important role. Families that grew out-of-the-ordinary varieties 100 years ago are likely to grow them still, offering apple lovers a link to the past and the enduring bounty of this great land.

More Demand

With more varieties to choose from, it should come as no surprise that Michigan apples are a favorite with foodies and home cooks. They use them to create delicious homemade pies, sauces, ciders, juices and more. This versatility is also prized by commercial manufacturers, who use Michigan apples for thousands of grocery and restaurant products marketed here and around the world.

More Uses

You don't even have to eat apples to benefit from them. Click here for some surprising ways to use apples.

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