From tree to store.Packing Sheds

All Fresh GPS is your one-stop apple Growing, Packing and Shipping solution. While the company was  formed in 2011, our roots stretch back more than three generations, to family-owned orchards and packing operations that helped establish the Michigan apple industry as a world leader.

We are located in the middle of Michigan apple country and our network of growers spans more than 20,000 acres of prime apple-growing land. They are supported by two ultramodern packing and storage facilities in Western Michigan
and a third in Southeast Michigan that assures
our customers get apples when and where
and how they want them.


Grower Highlights

Before growers plant (or replant) their first tree, All Fresh GPS takes critical steps to ensure quality:

  • Sub-surface drainage tiles are placed to keep ground aerated and help prevent apple diseases.
  • Soil nutrient tests are performed; depending on the results, multiple cover crops may be planted to improve soil tilth and reduce compaction.
  • Trees are sourced from the nation's top nurseries; we also maintain some rootstock and new variety test blocks on our own farms.
  • After planting, tree trellises are built to support trees in an upright position and prevent wind damage.
  • Drip irrigation is provided to each tree, conserving water; fertilizer is added to drips as needed, eliminating runoff.
  • Cutting-edge pest management practices, including insect pheromone disruption, are employed to reduce pesticide while improving crop performance.

Facility Highlights

All Fresh GPS ships from three packaging-and-distribution centers to quickly and efficiently ship apples to customers on opposite sides of the country (and the globe). All facilities are equipped with advanced technologies that ensure the utmost quality, safety and satisfaction.

Apple Quality

  • Internal defect sorting via infrared light and external defect sorting/color grading via digital camera assures that only the very best apples make their way to supermarket shelves, stimulating sales.
  • Automated system gently deposits apples into flume water and soft brushes move them along to reduce bruising.
  • Airtight storage rooms use nitrogen-generating technologies and CO2 scrubbers to keep apples as firm, crisp and juicy as the moment they were picked.
  • Trucks back into docks and open doors inside building to preserve cold chain and apple integrity.


  • Highly automated line lowers production cost, lowering the cost of apples to customers and consumers.
  • Michigan's only flume pre-size operation quickly identifies apple sizes and grades, enabling us to fresh-pack apples to order (rather than pre-packaging them).
  • High-speed packing lines save time and accommodate emergency orders.
  • Automated system supports customer pack preference – poly bag, mesh bag, bulk containers, euro cartons, trays or bins.
  • Cross-docking capability supports load consolidation, saving customers money by delivering multiple products in a single shipment.


  • LEED standards – including heat-waste recycling, LED lighting, insulated pre-cast concrete walls and high-speed doors between warm and cold areas – were adopted to reduce energy use; the resulting savings are passed along via lower apple prices.
  • Filtered water treatment system in apple flume uses significantly less water and eliminates need for chemicals.
  • Energy generated by cooling operation is used to heat and cool office areas.
  • All packaging is recyclable or reusable.